Advantage of Bulgaria

With a population of more than 7.5 millions out of 1.4 millions living in its capital Sofia, Bulgaria and particularly Sofia offers a large access to potential patients. 
Bulgaria’s healthcare system is well organized and centralised. In Sofia, best-in-class hospitals as well as outpatient clinics are concentrating most of the clinical trials. 

These medical centres are usually specialised in several therapeutic areas and do have access to a very large number of potential patients. Such a combination of both hospitals/outpatient clinics and potential patients, especially in Sofia, provides significant advantages that translate in recruitment rates that are up to 3 times higher than in Western countries.

Bulgaria Map


Main reasons that makes Bulgaria attractive for a Sponsor or a CRO to conduct a clinical study:

  • Bulgaria is an EU member since January 2007 which has simplified and aligned its regulatory process to conform to the EU one’s. Generally speaking 10-12 weeks elapse from dossier submission to first patient selected.
  • Population with large variety of disease
  • Access to naïve patients
  • Traditionally, doctors are seen as authority figures which enable the informed-consent process and translates in a relatively low drop-out rate in comparison to Western countries 
  • Well organize healthcare system and access to up-to date medical equipment, especially in Sofia
  • High level of medical education among doctors.
  • Investigators are highly motivated and an increasing number of them is GCP ICH trained.
  • Rapidly growing number of English-speaking well trained clinical professionals.








Our Presence

Our presence in Bulgaria is articulated around a Headquarter based in Sofia. The success of our model is based on our Research Centers composed of dedicated facilities with permanent Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) and Study Nurses on Investigating sites. The CRCs and study nurses are assigned to sites on a permanent basis to assist Principal Investigators in pre-selecting patients and supporting them in the recruitment, clinical and administrative activities and tasks.

Focused in outpatient research, our sites specialize in Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Musculo-skeletal, Internal Medicine, Neurology and Psychiatry.
The Dedicated Research Centres are staffed with fully certified and experienced clinicians trained in Clinical Research. These clinicians are supported by study coordinators who understand the associated processes required in meeting international standards for Clinical Research. 

Our sites were developed to provide investigative services following GCP/ICH guidelines, offering full compliance with international regulations.

Examination rooms, investigational drug storage, laboratory space, necessary medical equipment, CRF storage area, and sufficient office space for monitors make our dedicated Research Centres a truly research friendly environment.