India, a perfect destination for clinical trials

Conducting clinical trials in India could be up to 75% faster thanks to its huge patient population base with therapeutic diversity and well trained and enthusiastic investigators. Other factors as listed below, contributes to make India a perfect localization for participating in global drug development programs.

For many reasons, India is identified as a major resource center for conducting trials:

  • Size of the population
  • Large diversity of patient population and disease states
  • Genetically diverse population
  • Large pool of treatment-naïve patient
  • Level of literacy is high especially in urban populations
  • Large & continuously increasing base of GCP-trained investigators, fluent in English
  • State-of-the-art medical and hospital
  • Harmonization and Observance of good clinical practice requirements (ICH)
  • The source data & documents are mostly in English
  • Documented Informed Consent Process
  • Data generated from clinical trials conducted in India is now accepted worldwide
  • Strengthening of intellectual property protections
  • Well developed IT and communication infrastructures
  • Potential for cost savings compared to western countries

India presence




Our presence

SMO-CLINICA India, an affiliate of SMO-CLINICA SAS, was established in Bangalore holding across the whole country, a network of affiliated investigative sites and employees acting as Clinical Research Coordinators.

SMO-CLINICA India aims at performing Clinical Research in India by leveraging access to patients while guarantying high standards of Quality and Ethics.

SMO-CLINICA's management sets high standards for the operations of the company based on western management practices and client-oriented approach.

The success of our model is based on our Research Centers composed of dedicated facilities with permanent Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) and Study Nurses on Investigating sites. The CRCs and study nurses are assigned to sites on a permanent basis supporting Principal Investigators in the management of patients and in administrative activities.

Examination rooms, investigational drug storage, laboratory space, necessary medical equipment, CRF storage area, and sufficient office space for monitors make our dedicated Research Centres a truly research friendly environment.

SMO-CLINICA does address Sponsors' concerns through its unique business model ensuring the on-time "delivery" of the committed number of patients associated to a high retention rate and at competitive costs thanks to our dedicated Research Centers.

So far, Sponsors' audits have shown that our clients are very satisfied of the work performed through SMO-CLINICA India.


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