Advantage of Russia

With a population of more than 142 millions and more than 70% living in urban areas, Russia offers a large access to potential patients.
Russia’s healthcare system is well organized with more than 7,500 hospitals. In addition and besides hospitals, there are nearly 20,000 outpatient clinics.

These medical centres are usually specialised in several therapeutic areas and do have access to a very large number of potential patients.
Such a combination of both hospitals/outpatient clinics and potential patients, especially in main cities, provides significant advantages that translate in recruitment rates that are up to five times higher than in Western counties.

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Main reasons that makes Russia attractive for a Sponsor or a CRO to conduct a clinical study:

  • Traditionally, patients highly rely on their doctor which eases the informed-consent process and translates in a relatively low drop-out rate in comparison to Western countries
  • Well organize healthcare system and access to up-to date medical equipment, especially in main cities
  • Access to naïve patients


  • High level of medical education among doctors
  • Rapidly growing number of English-speaking well trained clinical professionals
  • Well codified regulatory and EC process allowing a rapid start (in general 12 weeks from dossier submission to first patient selected)








Our Presence

Our dedicated Research Centre in based in St Petersburg, on the grounds of General Hospital # 9, easily accessible to the local population. In addition, its proximity to the hospital allows for greater interaction with referring physicians and direct access to a 24 hour emergency room.
Focused in outpatient research, our site specializes in Internal Medicine Neurology, Psychiatry, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, and Endocrinology.

The unit is staffed with fully certified and experienced clinicians trained in clinical research. These clinicians are supported by full-time coordinators who understand the associated processes required in meeting international standards for clinical research. Our site was developed to provide investigative services following GCP/ICH guidelines, offering full compliance with international regulations.

Examination rooms, investigational drug storage, laboratory space, necessary medical equipment, CRF storage area, and sufficient office space for monitors make our dedicated Research Centre a truly research friendly environment.


Russian Headquarter

Managing Director:   Zhanna Paltsman
E-mail for contact:

Russia Office