Our Model

Patient Recruitment through our Dedicated Research Centres

It is widely recognized that Patient Recruitment is the key element to succeed in conducting a clinical trial.

Based on the statement that 50% of the investigating sites do recruit no patient at all or underperform, it shows that Sponsors' trials are at risk with highly associated costs.

SMO-CLINICA addresses Sponsors' concerns through its unique business model ensuring the on-time “delivery” of the committed number of patients associated to a high retention rate and at competitive costs.

The success of the SMO-CLINICA's model is based on the Research Centres composed of dedicated facilities with permanent Clinical Research Coordinators and Study Nurses.

 SMO-CLINICA's staff is focused on Patient Recruitment and Retention activities supporting Principal Investigators in the management of patients and in administrative  tasks and activities.

SMO-CLINICA can handle any study involving Outpatients.

SMO-CLINICA’s management has set high standards for the Operations based on western management practices and client-oriented approach.
Our business model offers cost savings alternatives compared to traditional sites.