It is no secret that a significant percentage of clinical studies are substantially behind schedule due to unexpectedly low enrollment.

Although there is no way to completely eliminate these delays, it is possible to cut them through pre-study activities.

SMO-CLINICA share this thinking that feasibility is vital to make the study successful, offering to perform feasibility studies during the preliminary discussions with a  CRO or a Sponsor.

By conducting in-depth project feasibility gained by conducting the recruitment programs for many Phase II-IV clinical trials, we help our clients in planning ahead and formulating realistic forecasts.

Our trustworthy feasibility will help pharmaceutical, biotech companies and CROs to have a real picture and obtain a realistic timeline and budget for their clinical trial. 

Our feasibility assessment will reflect the capabilities from each of our sites, based on a given protocol and will result in a strong commitment from SMO-CLINICA towards our clients, in terms of recruitment rates.

The feasibilities are run upon a Sponsor's request and are free of charge.